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tuesday afternoon spinal tap

Whenever you get e-mails from people using a BlackBerry there is a tag at the end of the message that says, "Sent from my BlackBerry".

Before I realized that this was placed at the end of all their messages by default, I thought my friends were assholes. I even came close to e-mailing someone and expressing how much of an asshole thing it is to do to gloat about having the ability to send e-mails from your call phone. I thought the lot of my friends were turning into pricks.

I'm glad I caught on before I started confronting people about it :p

I'm getting a new phone soon, the Samsung Instinct. At first I was hoping that the Instinct didn't do the default tag line, but I think it would be awesome to have a tag line after my e-mails that says:

...sent from my Instinct

It would imply that I can send e-mails telepatically. Women will think I have powerful instincts and then they will give me their panty draws.

...not that I would use my super Instinct powers for such motives...I'm just sayin'...If I did, it would work.

...but, whatever.

Why I Don't Like Exercise: Reason #187
Ever since I've started working out and eating healthy my lower back has been hurting. On most days the pain isn't really much of a pain at all; its more of a discomfort. The thing is that its been consistant for the past 3 weeks, so yesterday I decided to see a chiropractor. The doc took X-rays and stuff and said I had to come back today for the results. He did, however, mention that its probably just a swollen nerve ending. That doesn't sound serious at all, so I'm a little at east with that...but, none the less.......

I'm scared :\