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i wrote this as "The Man"

Last night, I wrote the best song I've ever written in my life. Its so incredible I had to lay down the vocals immediately.

You may not understand why yet, but you should be very jealous that you haven't heard it.

No seriously....I'm for serious. I'm so for serious that I'm giving you the 'for-serious-Zoolander-Face" right now. This is like Blue Lightening people. This song stops bullets.

...nah...its not all that.
it is crazy good though.

Those of you who know me in real life and/or beyond the confines of le' ole Internet, know I'm the most modest person in the world. I don't toot horns...especially if its my own.

...but, damnit I'm good.

I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day doing whatever it is you do. If you're traveling, then travel safe. If you're staying put, then enjoy the time to yourself and take it easy.

...or sleezey....whichever you your thing.
Sheesh, I can't call all the shots for you.