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So, alright.....

I'm not entirely sure what the subject of this bulletin/blog means. I'll let you decide. I don't have all the answers people. Get over it. Seriously.

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I hate doing crunches. I think I described crunches as looking like a beached whale trying to shift its way back into the ocean. As a response a myspace friendo noted that she does 8-Minute Abs and it works like a charm. I immediately went to YouTube and searched for footage of this workout regime.

I did 8-minute Abs last night. I felt less like a beached whale. Doing the 8-Minute abs workout is actually more like being a turtle who has somehow ended up on its back and can't get back on its feet. That is to say, I enjoy doing the 8-minute abs more than random abdominal workouts because when Ryan (roommate/best bud) asks me, "What're ya' doin'?" I can say, "8-Minute Abs", hence granting me the feeling of having an actual objective., "I'll be done looking stupid in 8 current stupidity is only a temporary thing.

I don't know what I'm saying.

LOST came on last night. Awesome.

I have a few friends who love watching "Grey's Anatomy", but don't like LOST. This confuses me because Greys Anatomy sucks, whereas LOST is awesome.

I haven't seen a full episode of Grey's, but I've seen enough to know that its far to sissy pants for me. The end to this show is the same every episode. Soft or cheesey folk music plays while people realize things. The end of every episode of this show is very similar to the end of every episode of Sex in the City.

*soft music plays*

PERSON 1: You and I need to talk.

PERSON 2: I'm kinda busy right now [Person 1]. I've got these charts to look at for a---

PERSON 1: Look! We can't keep avoiding this. We just can't!

PERSON 2: *long pause* Look, we'll talk later. I--I gotta go.

NARRATION: ...Time to let go.....

I need to reevaluate my life. Embarrassing video of me keeps popping up on YouTube and television. There is video of me on a dating show called "Get the Hook Up", that is hella embarassing. There is footage of me on stage at a club rapping the chorus to a song I did for a rapper AGES ago that is not at all reflective of my skill level (nor tastes) in music. Just today my brother forwarded me a video of me doing a recorded spoken work piece that I did A-G-E-S ago (around the same time as the club footage), that is also not reflective of my skill level (even back then).

No pictures....please.

Quite recently I blogged about my hate for salad. Well, Quincy is getting out of shape and I have to eat healthy....starting TODAY! So, that means I have to eat things that taste like crap. Literally.....CRAP. Usually when something tastes terrible, its healthy for you.

I saw footage on the news yesterday of a kid who stole his grandmother's car with a friend, crashed into two cars, ran over two mailboxes, and didn't care. No seriously, he didn't care. Even when they asked him, "Don't you realize that you could've killed someone?!" He didn't care. It is, honestly, the saddest thing I have EVER seen.


Here is the CNN News report. The world is ending.

NOTE: I like how I have a fairly light hearted blog and end it on a somber note. You're welcome.