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target adventures

Yesterday, I went to TARGET to get some soap. I got other stuff, too (can't leave TARGET with just one item), but the soap was the most important because I was running out and I gots ta' stay clean.

Ya dig?

Anywhoodle, I got a new type of Dove liquid soap. I always get whatever is in the blue bottle, but this time I went for the red bottle because it said "NEW" on it. I was excited about this, but I wasn't sure if I would like the "NEW" Dove soap, so I got my usual Dove liquid soap along with the new Dove liquid soap. Just in case things didn't work out with the new flavor I wanted all my bases covered.

This morning I unloaded my bags (because I didn't do it when I got home) and realized that only one bottle of Dove liquid soap was in my bag. Which means that between my handing the bottle to the cashier and her putting it in my bag, something went wrong.

I'm not sure how something could go wrong because putting things in bags is the easiest thing you could do in life. They've trained monkeys who can do this. They can train dolphins to do tricks. Both of these activities are more complicated than putting an item in a bag, which leads me to believe that this cashier was no more qualified for her job than a monkey or a dolphin.

I tore up my apartment this morning looking for the soap and didn't find it. Nothing is more fustrating than looking for something you know is not there; its maddening. Some would even say that a monkey or a dolphin wouldn't do such a thing.

This is a problem I've run into since I moved up here in December. The customer services representatives in any TARGET or Best Buy north of New Brunswick is unspeakablely NOT helpful. At least to my experience. Here is a perfect example. This conversation took place between me and a customer service rep at a Best Buy in Jersey back in December:

ME: Excuse me, how much is this DVD. There's no price on it.

HER: I don't know.

*long pause*

ME: You work here right?

HER: Yeah.

*long pause*

ME: Ok, I wanna buy this. But, I'm not sure how much it costs.

HER: You could find another copy. Maybe another copy would have a price on it.

I paraphrased a little bit, but you get the point.


Is it just me or has there been a natural disaster every week for the past month or so. Here in the States, alone, we have seen more tornadoes and floods than I can remember seeing within a year. Beyond our borders there have been earthquakes, hurricaines (sp? i'm an idiot), political unrest, etc.

Something is wrong with the world, ya'll. Its gettin' bad. In light of such hard times, remember to tell someone you love 'em. Hug more. someone a teddy bear or somethin'.