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considering a blog greatest hits

This is my third attempt to write this blog/bulletin. I just have nothing interesting to say. NOTHING. Not that anything else I ever say is interesting. Silly maybe...but, never interesting.

One of these days I'm going to write a blog that reflects on the best moments of my past blogs. It'll be like when sitcoms always have those flash back episodes when the writers can't think of anything to write.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Boy Meets World have the best flash back episodes I've ever seen. The Fresh Prince even had an episode where they jokingly showed how the show was made. Genius.

I'm not sure how to do this with my blogs. I don't think reflecting on my past blogs is interesting at all. Its a bit pretentious, if you ask me. So, the question can I create an interesting blog when I have nothing interesting/silly to say. I could opt not to post a blog that day (which I often do), but what if I WANT to have something interesting to say.

I think my best blog moment is when I wrote the mock history of the origin of Friday and 90% of the people who read it believed it. I can't help but to admit to myself that that was a classic moment in my life. There are some people who said they'd never contact me or read my blogs again after they realized that I fooled them.

To this day they have kept their word.

I'm not sure where this is going. This is the worst blog ever in the history of ever hours.

I did crunches to work on my abdominals yesterday. Crunches suck. The fact that I hate working out is a reigning theme in my blogs and it shall remain so. Why? Because doing crunches sucks. I'd rather do push ups than crunches. Every time I'm doing a set of crunches I think to myself, "I must look like a freakin' idiot."

Crunches is one of those exercises that you just feel like you're doing them wrong. Every time I do a crunch or something crunch related - meaning exercises of the Crunch Family - I feel like I'm doing them incorrect and I look like a beached whale desparately trying to roll itself back into the ocean.

How in the crap do whales get beached anyways?! They should know better.