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"a new and exciting business opportunity!!!!"

Ok, I'd be out in a mall or something and then someone randomly walks up to me and strikes up a convo. Not a problem. It is not until about 1 minute and 43 seconds into the conversation that I realize this person is trying to sell me on a "new and exciting business proposition". The following 50 seconds into the conversation they're saying how many cars they own and that they're building a house in *insert city here* and they're about to fly out to London to discuss business with some clients/associates.

I'm talking about Pyramid Organizations, people. I get approached by these people at least a few times every couple of months. Its not irritating, but its always an interesting experience when it happens.

I'm not going to lie, the first time I heard (what I like to call) "The Pyramid Pitch" I was pretty keen to the idea. I mean, when someone who doesn't look like a complete nut says that you can make between $10,000-$50,000 in extra income you're gonna listen.....the first time.

I'm not going to go into great detail, but it goes like this:

1) They approach you in a department store, or in passing conversation elsewhere. The key here is to find something in common with you and to act halfway uninterested in bringing you into "the business" (examples soon to follow).

2) They get your contact information and call you a couple of days later with another associate on the phone with them. The other person on the phone is referred to as a "business associate", but more than likely its the person that bought them into the business.

3) They feel you out and act as if they're interviewing you for a job. After this call is over you are invited to a weekly meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet other business partners and begin "the process".

4) At this meeting you will find people in suits and they will have note pads. There will be a portion of this meeting where people will give testimonials about how they're retiring in the next 6 months (these people will be 27-33 years of age). They will talk about how they're taking a second honeymoon to Fiji. They will talk to you. They will be assertive. They will tell you about their dreams and how the business will, without question, bring those dreams to fruition. At this meeting you will learn how the business works. This is where you learn that there is no salary and they explain how the only way you can make money is to bring other people into the business.

5) From this point "the process" can go one of two ways. You pay them at the meeting or you go to a "business team meeting" later that week and pay them then.

Q.Ledbetter, what do you pay them for?

I'm glad you asked. You pay them for your "business packet" and "training". The only thing that is remotely valuable is the training and its not very valuable toward the business itself. Its valuable in a sense that you learn how to get people to do whatever you want them to do (this is a harsh way of saying it, but it is what it is). Its like taking a sales class. Its time for an example.


A man walked up to me while I was buying a pair of pants in Target.

MAN: Oh man. You're gonna be stylin' in those things, brotha.

ME: Ummm.....yeah.

MAN: Let me ask you something?

ME: Sure.

MAN: You look like you're from Africa. What country are you from?

ME: Oh...I was born here in America, but I get that a lot.

MAN: Really, you look like you're from Nigeria. Where do other people think you're from?

ME: I've gotten Nigeria, Segal, Gana, Liberia....

MAN: Well, I'm from Nigeria. Where are your parents from?

ME: Uhh.....North Carolina

MAN: Oh wow...well, perhaps you have bloodlines in Africa.

ME: Don't we all?

MAN: Hahahaha....indeed. I'm Chuck.

ME: Quincy.

MAN: Quincy. Thats an interesting name. Well, nice to meet you.

*he walks off....but its not over....i just so happen to bump into Chuck about a minute later*

MAN: Oh hey!

ME: Whats up?

MAN: Quincy, let me ask you something.

ME: Go for it.

MAN: You look like a sharp individual. Very well spoken, and seem to have his head on his shoulders.

ME: Thanks.

MAN: I work over at the hospital and I'm thinking about expanding into some international markets. Some business associates and I have an exciting and innovative business plan and we're looking for some sharp individuals, such as yourself, to bring in on the ground floor before we go global. Are you the kind of person who likes to keep his business options open?

ME: Not right now. I have too many things on my plate at the moment.

MAN: Oh! Are you already in a business team of some sort?

ME: Nope. I run my own business, but thanks.

MAN: Well, Quincy I assure you that this would not take away from whatever you have going on now. As a matter of fact it may even give you some extra income to support your own business. You see?

ME: Yeah, no thanks.

I have more examples, but I think thats enough for now. I'm not telling you NOT to get involved with these people. I'm just saying that personally, I don't see the benefit. They convince you that you'll be able to retire within 4-5 years. They tell you that you'll have a boat and private plane if you want it and work hard enough. You end up paying them between $300-$600 (sometimes a little less than $1000) and then you get your friends and family to do the same thing so THEY can be rich.

You may ask how I know so much about this. Well, once upon a time I paid $400 to be in a "business team"; besides that, I've get approached by these people all the time (it seems like). I have a very dear and close friend who is involved and has been for a number of years. He's a good dude. He's not crazy. Some of them appear to be sometimes, but he's not.

Once you've been in "the process" and learn how things are done, its easy to spot these "associates". One the guy opened his mouth to me I knew what was happening.

I could go on and on about this. I'm not telling you to NOT listen to what they have to say or to try it out. I'm just sayin'.....