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This weekend I was in Virginia (again). I didn't have time to hang out with anyone because I spent the whole time with family doin' birthday stuff with mah' mama. Tons of relatives came up. It was fun.

So, I learned a valuable lesson about pants this weekend. I learned that a size 34/34 isn't the same size for different brands. I never knew this. Don't ask me how I have gotten through 27 years of life without knowing how pants sizes work. I bought a 34/34 pair of jeans and they fit almost skin tight. It constricted my Willie Johnson....HIGHLY unpleasant. I need a girlfriend so she can teach me how to shop. I always have problems with shopping for clothes.

I'm tall and lanky, so its hard to find clothes that don't make me look like ty he scarecrow on Return to OZ (The Wizard of OZ, part 2). Have you seen that movie? Its really awesome.

Speaking of movies, have you seen the movie, Boxing Hellena? Ryan (roommate) and I watched it last night and I assure you that this is the worst movie you'll ever see in your life. No seriously....while I was watching it I tried to remember a worse movie. I couldn't think of one.

I came across a blog today. The blog was on a myspace page that was dedicated to calling Christians "delusional" and made every attempt to discredit the Bible and the existance of GOD. I thought it was crazy. I can't rightfully call myself a Christian anymore, but my belief in GOD is unwaivering, so I was a bit put off. I don't understand how someone who doesn't believe in GOD would spend so much time paying attention to whether or not GOD exists.

I'm sayin'....I'm not affected by your disbelief, so why are you so affected by my belief. I dunno. Personally, I think we should spend less time trying to prove each other wrong or fighting to prove we're right. What if we're all right to some extent? I mean, until we clock out of this existance how can we all really be sure of anything?

Think about that (objectively).


(sorry....I'm listening to that song and everytime that part comes up I have to sing it. since you're not here I figured I'd type it...GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE!!!!!!)

( just happened a GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE....again....this song is so awesome....ok its over is this blog)