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aliens and such....

So, I have this pain in the left side of my lower back. Its been there since yesterday and I'm not sure what it is. It only hurts when I bend down. I'm sure its just one of those "things". It seems like I've got a new "thing" every month. I'll have something wrong with me and then when that goes away its something else. Is it the same for you guys? I'm sure it isn't.

Speaking of space aliens, I had a craaaaazy dream last night:

I was at my apartment and a whole bunch of people from work were at my house. After a they all left there was just one girl from work and her son. I'm not sure if she has a son in real life, but he was there....with her mother.

Bear with me...this is going some where....or maybe it isn't.

Anyways, I decided to let her, her mother, and her son stay over for some reason. So while I was getting them some extra bed sheets she professed her love for me. Its not like that sort of thing happens to me, so I took a look at my surroundings and noticed that my walls were painted sky blue. This is something that I wouldn't do to my own home. I realized I was dreaming.

I replied to her confessions of love with a, "Whatever...thats great." And went into the kitchen. Just then a beam of light came through the window and the glass broke to reveal a space ship. Immediately after that, I woke up.

In case you don't know anything about me, which most of you don't, you should know that I am very disoriented when I wake up. Meaning, for the first 10-30 seconds of being awake I can't make sense of anything. If I were to wake up and you immediatley ask me an easy question like, "Quincy, what color is the sky," I'd reply with something like, "Mother feeds me ice cream in the noon time."

With that being said, when I woke up I thought I had been kiddnaped by aliens and beamed back down to earth in the past (or the future...I wasn't sure). I rolled around for a few seconds in a panic thinking about what those bastards did to me....before I knew it I was asleep again.

My dream must have picked up where it left off because me and this girl were at work now (mother and son where not around). She continued telling me that she had fallen in love with me and that we should get married. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming so I pulled a book out of my pocket to try to read it.

NOTE: You can't read in your dreams. You can understand words, but you can't read them. Anytime I think I'm dreaming I find something to read to confirm.

She took the book from me and ran into the lunch area of our office. I followed her in there and there were nothing but musical instruments. I decided right then and there to write a song. I sat down at the piano, played some keys, and sang the following lyrics:

she got the test back, it was positive
i asked are you sure she said, "positive"
baby, lets try to turn this negitive into a positive

Probably the worst lyrics I'd ever written. I woke up again and blamed the aliens for toying with my mind and bringing me back and forth into the future. After about a half a minute I realized that I was now awake and had just been dreaming.

Now, when I see this girl around the office I'll be uneasy.

....and I have the aliens (and time travel) to blame.


later everyone.