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return of the mack

Return of the Mackadocious. I'm not sure what that title means, but I like it. I think thats what I'll name this bulletin/blog since I haven't been online since Friday afternoon. I will also refer to myself as "Mackadocious" and I will write in thrid person for the duration of this post.

Starting now:

Mackadocious had a very busy weekend. First he watched DVD's on Friday night, the next morning he went to a studio in Times Square to work on some remixes for some pretty heavy-hitter artists. Mackadocious wasn't doing the actual track; he was just playing guitar on them, which is all part of "paying dues" as his producer mentor put it.

Mackadocious felt even more detached from his feelings of being a typical male yet again this weekend. This is for the best as he feels like being a typical male is...well....typical. However, Mackadocious sometimes feels as if being typical would be much easier than being weird and uneasy around his other male counterparts.

For example, if Mackadocious slept with more women then Mackadocious would feel dirty inside, but at the same time it would grant him passage into the Inner Circle of All That is Male.

NOTE: Mackadocious capitalized "The Inner Circle of All That is Male" because such a conglomerate actually exists.

Mackadocious also would like to be interested in sports, but he realizes (unlike the rest of the world) that sports suck major poon-tang.

Mackadocious at a salad yesterday during his work offices orientation. Salad sucks. Salad doesn't suck as much as sports, but it sucks in the same right that it is not pleasant and it symbolizes all that is wack. Mackadocious doesn't like salad for the following reasons:

Salad tastes like trees: When Mackadocious was young (about 5 or 6 years old) he ate a few leaves out of personal curiosity. He realized that leaves don't taste bad...just unpleasant. Everytime Mackadocious tastes salad he is reminded of this taste. Salad tastes like wet leaves....nothing more.

Salad looks pretentious: Mackadocious has never seen a salad that didn't think it was all that. He doesn't like that.

Mackadocious is tired of addressing you in third person. He will stop.

Starting now:

On Friday I bought an incredible album; Pet Sounds, but The Beach Boys. Do it. Go buy it. Its great.

As you all know, I am a fanatic for The Beatles. I love The Beatles so much that it puts off some people. Well, I keep hearing quotes from The Beatles about how Pet Sounds was what inspired much of the music for St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I also have heard quotes from Brian Wilson (of The Beach Boys) that Pet Sounds was his attempt to make an album just as good as Rubber Soul.

Hearing that these INCREDIBLE albums were inspired by each other was enough for me to drop a good $17 for the delux edition of Pet Sounds. It was $17 well spent.

NOTE: If you don't understand the past two paragraphs - what with all the album title references - then you need to really educate yourself on what good music is.

I was hanging out with Dre Knight, super producer and up and coming industry kingpin over the weekend. As a joke I decided to play him the stuff that me and Ryan Conner (roommate and best bud) have done as Crucial Element...our fake rap group.

He like it. I don't mean he liked it as a joke. I mean, he REALLY liked the music. This upset me because I try so hard to make the music wack. Here I am making it good.

Whats that about?!?!


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