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gettin' political on yo' stank a-double-arse

Its like this people. The worst thing you can possibly do is get your political say so and ideas from an online site like this or from an e-mail chain. Thats stupid. In doing so you fall victim to more conspiracy theories, false statements, and bottomless arguements.

Instead of reading and reposting these silly bulletins telling you why you should and/or should not vote for one politician or the other, how about you watch debates? How about you read the news? If you must get your political say-so from the web, try Go to a news site. Don't come here or to your e-mail inbox.

I don't care if you vote for Hillary, Obama, McCain, or the Hamburglar...don't get your opinions from a SOCIAL site.

I'll bet you're the same people who think that KFC changed its name because they started cooking mutant chickens. I'll bet you're the same people who don't drink Coca-Cola products because you read that rats poop and pee on the soda cans and rat pee is toxic and will intantly kill you. I'll bet your the same people who think that President Bush orchestrated 9/11.

Get over it. Read a flippin' book or the news paper.

Here are facts about politics and the people involved in them:

-At any point we as The People will end up paying more than we want to for one thing or the other. Be it taxes, oil, percriptions drugs, or food. We don't want to ever pay as much as we do and the price for these things will ALWAYS fluctuate (oil is getting quite out of control, though).

-All polititians say whatever it takes to get elected. If 80% of the American people said they wanted to sacrifice lambs on Tuesdays, then presidential candidates would be speaking about passing a bill to make it legal. That may be an exaggerated example, but the principal is true.

-Political analysts are crap. They will interpret the facts in favor of whomever they want to win whatever election. The fact is, that the best people to talk to about which candidate is best to vote for are the ones who don't even know yet. These are the people who are allowing candidates to play on an equal playing field.

My point is this. If you want to learn more about McCain and his platforms, don't ask Michael Moore to give you the scoop. If you want to learn more about how Obama's plans can benefit this country, don't go to Fox News, etc.

Alright I'm done.

Wake up.
Stop reposting these idiodic bulletins telling people who to vote for. Let them decide for themselves without their judgement being clouded by some conspiracy theory you found on Myspace.

Doesn't that even SOUND stupid. Listen to yourselves in this example:

IDIOT: You know Obama is being funded by Republicans so he can run against McCain because statistics show that McCain would blow Obama out of the water.

PERSON: Really? Wow, where did you hear that?

IDIOT: On Myspace.