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a couple of stuffs

There are things in life that I really loath, but everyone else in the world seems to love. These things include the following:

-Barbeques and/or cook-outs.
-Root Beer
-Stickers (unless they're on my guitar cases)
-Chocolate (unless its Reese's peanut butter)
-Peanut butter (unless it is involved with Reese's some how)
-Most cakes
-Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Friends (the sitcom)

NOTE: I find all of the things I just noted tolerable to some small extent, but Sports is not tolerable. I respect athletes and the spirit of being competetiveness, but watching sports, playing sports, hearing sports, hearing people talk about sports....all bugs the crap outta me.

Well my fellow Net Navigators, I have a new loathing....pretzels. I am not a supporter of the pretzel. They are disgusting. I can't stand them. I'm even going to go out on a limb and say that I am a bigot against the pretzel.

What makes pretzels think they can waltz onto my breakfast plate and sit there all willy nilly and expect to get eaten? The audacity. I mean, if it were a sugar coated pretzel or a delicous CINNAMON pretzel, then I'd be fine with it. I've got no beef with the "flavored" pretzel (especially the cinnamon pretzel).

I'm eating a normal pretzel right now because I'm trying to fill my stomach and I don't want to spend money on the food here in my office's diner. The food there is scrum-didilly-umcious, but it is way too ex-diggity-pensive. Pretzels is the only thing here that are free today.


Because they suck.

I finally got to watch No Country for Old Men last night. I loved it. Its a great movie. Its not as mind blowing as critics and the media are playing it out to be, but it is worth paying to see in a movie theater and then paying to own it. My favorite two things about the movie are the very beginning when Tommy Lee Jones is kinda narrating about how times have changed and the lack of a soundtrack (there isn't any music playing throughout most of the a matter of fact, I don't think there is any music scored into any of the scenes).

So go check it out.

Thats all I got....later.