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The 7 Wives of Jebodiah

Have you been following this Polygamist Ranch raid thing? If not, here's a brieft scoop:

A child from a Polygamist colony here in The States made a anonymous call to authorities reporting that the men in the colony are having relations with underage children in the colony. When authorities checked it out they found a room where the dirty deeds were done and they took ALL of the women and children from the colony. They have since released the women, but not the children.

So, I'm watching updates on this thing today and there is a woman from the colony who is speaking out and saying that they were treated unfairly. She said they were taken to a facility where there were HUNDREDS of them had to share only two rest rooms. She didn't seem happy with being held against her will for more than a day or so. She went on to say, "it was like what they did to the Jews back when they forced them into concentration camps.


Now, I'm on board with the fact that sharing the restroom with hundreds of people sucks, but when you live in a colony where the men rape the children you shouldn't expect the best treatment from the authorities. Further, to compare a day or so (not sure how long they were held) stay in a "facility" to the Holocaust is overboard by more than just a little bit. Its crazy. Thats like saying that you got mugged and comparing it to the genocide in Rwanda. Get real.

It goes to show how being secluded from the rest of the world can make it seem like everything that happens in your tinly little cube of an existance seems like a bigger deal than it really is.

NOTE: Earlier in this blog/bulletin it sounds as if I'm implying that all polygamist colonies rape their children. I'm not making that assumption, as I don't know enough about their culture. I'm just talking about this specific case. I don't want some nut job with 7 wives hitting me up with his organic under-draws in a bunch.

NOTE TO THE NOTE: The above note implies that all polygamist men:

a) Are nut jobs.

b) Specifically have 7 wives
c) Wear organic under-draws and they constantly bunch up.

These items of information may or may not be ture. I don't know.

I don't have all the answers, people!

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