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you should vote for Huckabee (reasons disclosed in this blog)

This morning, I spent 10 minutes putting in my contact lenses. I want laser eye surgery. I'm tired of poking about my eyes. Its wackness, man.

Yo, if you live in the NYC area, then you know how NIIIICE it feels outside today. My first instinct was to turn around and change out of my sweater into a regular shirt, and take off my thermal scull cap and put on a lighter jacket. I did not do these things. I decided that I would enjoy the nice, warm weather by being uncomfortably hot by the time I got to the train. Don't ask why, I'm just funky like that. Its how I gets down.

Mike Huckabee is cracking me up. Why won't he drop out of the primaries? I can understand the concept of never giving up, but this guy can't seriously think that he has a chance. I haven't seen anyone in politics that hilariously stubborn since Ross Perot when I was a kid. I have come to the conclusion that he wants something other than the Presidency, because I'm sure he's not a stupid man. No. He wants something else.

I've thought about it and I've come to the conclusion that he wants what every conservative extremely religious man wants.....attention. He knows he's not going to win, but he knows that as long as he's in the race cameras will be on him and listening to what he has to say. The man has a message and he's trying to get it out. Its a stubborn way of doing so, but thats the reason.

I kinda want Huckabee to win the primaries because either Obama or Hilary will eat him alive in the Presidential race. They would make him lot. Here is how things would go if either Obama or Hilary ran against Huckabee:

Obama vs. Huckabee: Obama would win, Huckabee would vote for Obama and convert to Islam

Clinton vs. Huckabee: Hilary would win, Huckabee would become gay and live in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC working as a dominatrix bar tender

Obama/Clinton vs. Huckabe/whoever The race would be so ridiculous that Saturday Night Live will have its best season ever

So, if you're a Republican vote for Mike Huckabee. Its going to be good for us and even better for comedy; because it will make November the funniest month in political history.

....and with a pending recession and the war in Iraq, we all need a good laugh, don't we?