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you can find me in the club....cup full'a water

I went to the club on Saturday and I realized that if the following songs are played in sequence I will lose my mind:

"Poison", by Bel Biv Devoe
"Billy Jean", by Michael Jackson
"Off the Wall", by Michael Jackson
"Wanna be Starting Somethin'", Michael Jackson

The awesome thing is that they ALWAYS play those songs (usually in that order) anytime you go to the club. Keep in mind that I don't really dance in the traditional sense while I'm in the club. I do a gangsta diddy bop. I two-step. I sway from side to side, sipping my water and if a woman whould happen to back that thang up on me, then I shimmy with hopes that she can't tell that I'm trying not to hump her and accidentally get her pregnant.

....hey, it happens.....right?

Anyways, I went to the club on Saturday with a large group of people whom I had never met. I kinda knew one of the girls, so that put me at ease a little bit. Everything was fine. Most of the people we were with thought I was too reserved (which I am), but they seemed ok with it. There was, however, one guy who wasn't having it. He thought my two-step was absurd and that I should DANCE. He'd look up at me with disgust and exclaim, "DANCE, Q!!!!! DAAAAAANCE!!!!!"

My brother and I have the same social issues where we're not good at meeting people. He and I have discussed it and we realized that every friend we've had and every associate we've made has come to us in one way or another; we never sought them out. This may have to do with the fact that he and I are twins and never really needed anyone else to keep us company.

He is having the same issues at his new job that I am having at my new job where he can't seem to break the social barriers that stand between him and being friendly with his co-workers. He said there is a new guy in the office today and he's already light years ahead of him at making friends. He described the way the new guy is acting as being like the little guy in this video:

John (my brother) said that it is this behavior that makes everyone love the new guy. I can see why. I'd hang out with the pop locking indian dude anyday. Wouldn't you?