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So yesterday I got the Gnarls Barkley album and the new Danity Kane album. Both albums are great. Gnarls is, of course, far more superior, but its not fair because they're superior to almost everything I've heard released lately.

....go get their album.

I had another good social exchange (some people call these "conversations") with a co-worker. I was pretty witty during the whole echange.

NOTE FROM SELF: Q.Ledbetter's "wit" may actually be "weirdness". Who knows?

This is out of character for me because up until recently I've kept to myself at the office (as I do in every office that I work in).

Yesterday a totally different co-worker introduced herself to me. Since I've been working here for close to 4 months and seen her every weekday since then, I was a bit thrown off by the sudden introduction. On top of that I was eating at the time and didn't want to talk with my mouth full. It wasn't my intent to come off as being cold, but I really didn't expect for her first image of me being a mouth full of cinnamon bun.

....I was crushing that cinnamon bun!

Are my ears small? People are saying that my ears a small. Now I don't know what to think of myself :(

How many of you have gotten your letters in the mail saying your getting this "Economic Resurgance Check" in the mail? You know....that $500-$600 check that the government is sending us to put back in to the economy (i.e., waste on things we don't need). I haven't gotten a letter saying that I'm getting a check, but it seems as if everyone else around me has gotten a letter confirming that they are getting a check soon.

It would suck if I'm the only person in America who doesn't get that check.

I mean CU'MAAAAAN!!!!!!