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bo jankans and other stuff....

1) I did a photo shoot for an artist down in the DC area over the weekend. His name is Bo Jankans. I hadn't gotten a chance to listen to his music, but I just did today. Its insane. He is one of my new favorite emcees from my hometown (Northern VA/DC). Listen to Just Plain Terror (the second song). Its pure insanity and features another one of my hometown favorites, K-Beta. Here is the link to his page. can also peep a small handfull of the photos I did for him.

2) I'm going to run for President as an Independent candidate. My ONLY platforms will be the following:

-ALL businesses (big and small) will be required to accept credit and debit. There will be no more of this going to the diner and them only accepting cash. As a sub platform to this platform there will be no spending limit on using credit and debit. If you want to get a $1.25 pack of gum on your American Debit card, then you will not have to hear about a $10 or $15 spending base to using your card. I'm tired of this madness.

-ALL public restroom stalls will be replaced with sound proof booths. Nothing sucks more than having to listen to someone else drop a duce 3 feet away while you're taking yours. Dropping a duce is disgusting (and often times unpleasant) enough without having to hear and smell the average Dudley Doo Doo Right drop his off too.

I kinda like Obama's CHANGE slogan, so I'm altering it for my own slogan.