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move along...nothing to see here....except EVERYTHING!!!!!

....tricked you! There really is nothing to see here.

I had a dream last night that I attended some music awards show. Apparently, I was a budding celebrity. That is nothing strange because I have dreams like that every now and again. What is weird is that I was on a date. What is even weirder is that my date was with Kim Kardashian. It was me, Kim, and another dude. The other dude was on a date with Kim's sister, hence leading me to believe that this was a double date of some sort.

Kim wouldn't shut up. I was very annoyed with her, but my superficial side was like, "Well, she's hot, so let me see if I can tolerate this for a bit longer." Then I thought, "Wait a second....this chick slept with Ray. J, which is not hot. Let me see if I can ditch her somewhere by the concession stand." Do they even have concession stands at award ceremonies?

NOTE: I don't know Kim Kardashian personally, so I can't make any statements of her character. She could be a good person. The way she is portrayed in my dreams is merely a result of assumption made by watching mindless celebrity news shows and talk radio.

Anyways, just as we got to a point where things in this dream couldn't get anymore strange and annoying, Kim started saying smart things. Things that interested me. She made a comment about how she's been trying to get right with her spirituality, but doesn't know exactly what that means. She started saying how she hates attending award shows because she is so under the microscope for past mistakes she has made. She explained that she feels the need to act dumb and superficial on the screen because thats who people expect her to be. It was that point I realized that Kim Kardashian is terribly misunderstood. least in my dream. She and I were having a great conversation when I woke up, which is all for the better because just as I woke up I realized that she and I were agreeing on everything. Conversations like that don't go anywhere. After you realize you're talking to someone who agrees with everything you say or is in a parallel thought process the convo seems to get more like self assuracne that you're awesome. That is not good.

At least now, in real life, I can look at Kim Kardashian in a new light and pretend that she and I have some sort of "connection."

I spent waaaaay too much time explaining that dream. I could've summed it up in two sentences:

I had a dream that I went to an awards show with Kim Kardashian. Pure insanity.

NOTE: Thats more like a sentence and a half becuase the second sentence is more like a sentence fragment.

This morning I got a message from a singer who said that he recorded something to a track on my page. I'm not sure how he pulled this off because the track he used is not available for download, meaning I don't want it to be downloaded. I'm not sure if everyone else on myspace is working on the unspoken Honor Code by which our society relies upon, but I ask that before you jack my music you at least ask first.

I'm not sure if I'm upset about this, yet. If the song he wrote to it is hot, I suppose I won't be :p If its wack, then I may take most of my music down.

....either that or have a silent revolution, which is never healthy.