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The first part of this blog will highlight how terrible of a blogger I am:

I don't do spell check when I type these, so they are almost always riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Ignore them, please. Usually, when I read over them I notice every last one. I don't correct it because I'm a lazy blogger. I'm sure you can tell by reading this blog that I don't really think while typing. Thats how lazy I am with this.

So, please...refrain from responding to my blogs/bulletins with your corrections. This doesn't just go for my posts; you shouldn't do that with other people's posts either. This isn't English class. We're not getting graded on our work and submitting our blogs to scholarship contests.

The second part of this blog will discuss the odd weather here in the NYC area:

The first day of Spring was yesterday (I think) and it is freezing today.
The end.

The third part of this blog will discuss the differences between Astro Physics and Astro Turf:

Contrary to what many of you may presume, Astro Physics is not the science of building football fields in outer space. Aren't you glad I explained that to you before you chose your major in college? Try majoring in Business Administration which teaches people how to make love like champions; since Business Administration focuses on teaching people how to "administer the business".

The third and a half part of this blog will be a closer and wish for you to have a happy weekend.

Ok, thats all for today....until later today when I get bored and post another one of these.

If I don't, then happy weekend to all of you.

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