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the cookie trek embarks upon the brownie mountain

The title of this blog/bulletin will be explained within the contexts of said blog/bulletin; at least to some extent (meaning, you still may not see the connection between the title and the logic I present).

Yesterday the best buddy/roommate Ryan Conner sent me a link to a serman by a guy named James David Manning (NOTICE: I didn't refer to him as 'Reverend' or 'Doctor'). This guy is a nut case. I'm not even going to get into great detail as to how much of a nut case he is. He's a guy in Harlem with his own church and he uses this church to spread his own ideas as he tries tirelessly to pass them off as "GOD's Word".

If you go on YouTube you can see many of his sermons in their entirety, along witih some audio streams of him being interviewed on Fox News. The fact that Fox News is the only station that feels this guy is worthy of air time should tell you something about how insane some of his ideas are.

NOTE: In case you didn't know Fox is notorious for altering some of their news stories to gear towards a Conservative audience....and their shows suck a major one (except for The Simpsons an a couple of other shows).

Anyways, some highlights from his sermons include:

-Black people (whom he affectionately refers to as 'Negros') are only welcome in and should only inhabit America, France, and England; and "negros" are only welcome in France to sweep their streets.

-Oprah has jungle fever.

-Obama (many of his sermons are about Obama) is a long legged mack daddy and shouldn't be President [quote], "...because he got a white mama."

So, if you feel like getting pissed off today, pay YouTube a visit and check this guy out. If you find yourself agreeing with anything he says, then feel free to never speak to me again. I loath this guy so much that I'm sure if you agree with even 5% of what he says, I wouldn't have much to say for you either.

Last night, I planned on being studio, no phone, no motivation. I just wanted to veg out and read and watch TV. Ryan Conner changed all that. I was watching a DVD and he came into the living room and the following exchange took place:

RYAN: Quincy.

ME: Whuddup?

RYAN: How do you feel about brownies?

ME: I'm not a huge fan.

RYAN: Thats crazy. Thats really crazy. What about cookies.

ME: Man, I love cookies.

RYAN: Lets go to the grocery store and get brownies and cookies!

Needless to say, my plans to be lazy were thwarted by the new aspirations of cookie conquest. I mean, what respectable young men in their mid-late twenties would reject the idea to go on a full-on cookie hunt? I can't think of any. Can you?

About 20 minutes later he and I were at a friend's house to borrow DVD's and tell him about our cookie quest. 30 minutes later we were in the grocery store to get the brownie and cookie materials. We ended up getting lots of stuff to eat: cereal, bread, cookies, brownies, chicken meat, beef meat, et cetera. The trip converted from a cookie trek to a grocery trek.

So for the first time in a VERY long time, Ryan and I have a full pantry and 'fridge. As a matter of fact, I'm sure this is the first time we've had real food in our house.

Congradulations are in order.

I had other stuff, but I totally forgot it.
Enjoy life today.

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