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we cant escape the SPAM monster

I get excited when I see I have new comments on this blog. Most of the same people leave comments, but when I see a comment from a new reader I get really excited.

Check out the blog from two blogs ago. There is a comment from someone named "Notebooks". They left a comment complimenting my blog and even promised to put me on their blog quicklist....whatever that is. I became very excited when "Notebooks" asked me (in a broken English sort of way) to check out their blog about Notebook. I immediately thought that he/she was referring to the book The Notebook. I clicked the link expecting to see a few years worth of blogs about The Notebook, like this:

January 13, 2006,

Hey everybodies. It is me Notebooks. I have viewed once again the Notebook. Is great movie and gives me happy time. Still I cry when elderly man dies with old woman at end of film. It gives me sad time. But still happy time because movie is super great, still. Even after hundred watches!

It turns out that the blog is a SPAM blog about laptops.
Wackness....complete wackness.