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my new career

So, I'm thinking about casting music to the side and becoming a professional Call Boy (male version of Call Girl). This whole Governer Spitzer thing is helpin' Ms. Dupre (his girl of choice) cash out BIG time and I want in.

I just read a CNN Report about how Dupre had a deal on the table with Girls Gone Wild for $1 million. The deal was that they'd pay her to be a girl who has gone quite wild. Girls Gone Wiled changed their mind on the deal when they discovered that they already have video of Dupre on a previous Girls Gone Wild video from 5 years ago. They figured they'd just rerelease the footage with her in it instead of paying her for new footage.

I wish I could make this up. I think its hilarous so I will explain it again:

They asked her to be part of a Girls Gone Wild video, but they did research and discovered that she has already been on Girls Gone Wild and would not need her talents on the second go'round.

THE LESSON: Ladies, if you have aspirations to be a professional ho-bag, then pace yourself. You don't want to give too much too soon and miss out on future ho-bag opportunities.

Anyways, back to my point....I'm going to become a Call Boy. I need to practice if I'm going to go after the big money, though. I plan on hitting the gym and working out so to make my body a bit more appealing and gaining some power clients. As soon as I start getting calls from the likes of Janet Reno, Condaleza Rice, Hilary Clinton, and other women in politics, then I'll be on the brink of my own scandal and then, watch out 'cause thats when the big green faces start to roll in.


As some of you know, I have a bit of a social disease where casual conversation is next to impossible for me. Well space cadets, I have broken a barrier. I had a conversation with a co-worker yesterday. It was great. I was witty and I even got a few laughs out of the deal.

Although, I had the triumph of miniature conversation, a new hurdle has risen: I realize now that I don't know how to hold my face during small talk. The coversation I had lasted a good 2-3 minutes (loooong minutes) and within that time I tried different facial expressions that may or may not have been appropriate for what we were talking about. Most of the time I settled on a half smile type of thing that I imagin looked something like this:

Of course I'm not a wet cat.....or am I?

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