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a speech for my popularity

Here I am teetering on the edge of breaking another 1,000 mark on my friend list on the myspace. At the time I posted this blog I have 3,999 friends. I'm actually pretty surprised I caught this. Well, I suppose a speech is in order for occassions like this, so here goes.

I would like to thank the Imaginary Academy of Sometimes Friends for sometimes introducing me to people worth being introduced to. I would like to also thank The Association of Chick Freakazoids for allowing me to cross paths with some of the most obsessive, overly aggressive, and insane women I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of meeting. I can't forget The Glam and Spam Conglomerate for letting me know:

1) MACY's is giving out free gift cards.

2) People are posting pictures about my bulletins on some other website.

3) I can't really please a woman unless I have magic pills available at an online pharmacy out of Arizona.

4) *Enter any wack artist/band name here* has an album available on their myspace page.

5) *Enter any wack artist/band name here* has a show in my town.

6) Its goin' down at the club this Saturday. 18 to chill, 21 to spill.

7) Teila Tequila is still looking for love (and attention).

8) It still seems as if we should know who Somya Reece is, but none of us really do.

Ok, for doesn't mean much of anything that by 3pm today I will have broken the 4,000 friends mark. I'm just trying to make my morning a bit more interesting.

I had a dream last night. It was the freakiest dream I've ever had (seriously). I blame the hit TV show LOST because as soon as I noticed I was dreaming I thought, "Dude, this dream is just like a dream sequence from the hit TV show LOST!"

Upon realizing I was lost in a dream (note the play on words), I did all the dream checks:

1) When I tried to turn on a light it didn't work (controlling light in dreams is usually not possible).

2) I walked to a bookshelf and tried to read a book, but the words were all jumbled (reading is difficult in dreams).

After doing my second check I realized I was dreaming and I tried to wake up, but I woke up in another dream. I did the same checks and tried to wake up again. another dream.

This happened about three times before I woke up for real. I won't get into what the dream was about, but it scared me.

I forgot to mention this last week:

I was watching American Idol last week during their Beatles Night. I'm a diehard fan of The Beatles (and I mean DIEHARD fan), so I tuned in to watch. I was very disappointed. Most of the contestants ruined the songs, either making them funktified or boring. The only performance I was impressed with was a girls rendition of In My Life. All three judges thought the song itself was boring, which proves that they don't deserve to listen to such great music. The song is slow and somber, but its an incredible piece of work (much like all of The Beatles' work).

I'm going to write a letter to my congressman about assured!

Q.Ledbetter for President 2012