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spell check it, son!!!!

They're teaching me how to do something new at work. It involves making corrections to one of our webservers, so basically, I'm proofreading mistakes. The thing is that I keep making mistakes in correcting the mistakes. I type really fast, so there are a lot of spelling errors (as you may see in my previous blogs...maybe even this one). 'And' is spelled 'adn' a lot of times; 'idiot' might come out as 'idoit'; 'the might end up being 'teh' (that happens frequently).

There is a spell check feature, so it catches most of the mistakes when I remember to use it, but it doesn't recognize mistakes that end up being real words. 'Yours' often times ends up being 'ours'; 'them' might be 'the'; 'at' would be 'a'; 'actually' may end up being 'supercalafragalisticexpialadocious'. happens.

This weekend was pretty cool. A couple of friends came into town on Friday night and wanted to site-see around NYC. I've lived in this area for a good 3.5 months now, so nothing is really new to me. The highlight of the weekend came when we went to Guitar Center and the Virgin Mega Store. I got 3 CDs that cost more than they should it is at the Virgin Mega Store. I'm convinced they call it the Mega Store because the its the prices.

There isn't really anything funny or entertaining for me to say, so check out this smoking monkey:

This proves that whatever you type into Google Images, will come to fruition. Before typing "smoking monkey" I typed:

cross-eyed monkey
cross-eyed ferrit
gay monkeys
happy monkeys

I just got an idea to type in "Rambo Monkey". The following picture was among my findings:

There ya' go.

Ok, I have to get to work. Holla at ya'll later.

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