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Cat, the Clue Hunter

I have almost 4,000 people on my friend list on myspace. Some of them are actual friends and others are imaginary faces and web pages. When I hit 7,000 I'm going to orchestrate a war between people I acutally know and the people whom I don't know. The war will be just like the movie 300 and I'm going to document it and call it 7,000.

....start training now. Its going to be a heck of a fight.

My mom recently got a BlackBerry and has introduced herself to the world of text messaging. She's all about the text message now. My dad is old fashioned so he doesn't believe in using the phone for anything besides calling people. Dad will be a tough egg to break on the text messaging thing. My goal is to have him sending texts and pictures by the end of '08. As a bonus I may even get him to start referring to pictures as 'pics'.

I'd do an impression or script for this, but it would only be funny if you could hear the impression I do of my dad (its spot on).

I am happy that Britteny Spears has been out of the news for a while. She can now continue to fall off of our radars in peace.

Last night the Governer of New York got more press time and news coverage than the voting going on in Mississippi. How much coverage can this story get? What bugs me about it is that they keep saying they have "new developments", so I wait to hear said 'developments', but I get more of the same information. Jeankies!

NOTE: Jeankies is what a character on Scoobie Doo used to say when she found clues.

I told Ryan Conner (best bud and roommate) last night that I am going to quit working in Corporate America and make my way looking for clues. I won't search for any specific type of clues....just clues in general. The police call this forensics (sp?), but I'll call it Clue Hunting. I just think it'd be more hot to the ladies if, when they ask what I do for a living, I say I'm a Clue Hunter:

HOT LADY: Q.Ledbetter you are so super hot and I want your hotness on me.

ME: Understood.

HOT LADY: But first, I have to know what you do for a living.

ME: I'm a Clue Hunter, baby.

HOT LADY: Just as I suspected. Only the hottest of the hottest hot rods search for clues.

ME: Yes, I know.

HOT LADY: Have you solved any hot mysteries lately? I'll bet you have.

ME: I seach for clues all day and solve mysteries all night. You know how it is.

HOT LADY: Hot! Simply hot.

ME: I solve mysteries all the time. Its like nothin'. Who do you think found the clues that got exposed Governer Spitzer.

HOT LADY: Q.Ledbetter I should've known that you had something to do with that.

ME: Not something, babygirl.....EVERYTHING.

HOT LADY: Everything?

ME: Everything.

Goodnight everybody!

*tap dances off stage right.