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there are litter bugs in hades

The Vatican is at it again.

Vatican Officials have released new sins to put amongst the 7 Deadly Sins.

NOTE: I just tried to list them and I could only think of four of them. I'm ashamed.

The Vatican felt it was necessary to officially deem new sins deadly for the sake of modernization; meaning, they put a 2008 remix on the 7 Deadly Sins. I like to imagine that they got P.Diddy involved to do the remixes, since he has extensive experience in remixing things that not necessarily need to be remixed.

Honestly, I'm a little put off by cloning, too, but I don't think its as universal a sin as Gluttony or Greed. Although I don't remember all of the 7 Deadly Sins (still ashamed that I don't), I do know that they are, indeed, traits that will lead to a terrible life. They are sins that we ALL commit, so they seem significant enough to be on GOD's Top 7 Deadliest of Deadly Sins.

Here is my point:

Not all of us are out there cloning people, so Cloning isn't universal enough of a sin to be on the list. I'm on the fence with cloning because I do play into the issue of morality (and mortality) a little bit, but c'mon. Its not universal enough to be brought to our attention. We don't ALL clone.

Littering just seems too ridiculous to be made into an official sin. I'm sure there was some B.C. littering going on; so, what took the Vatican so long to recognize it? Is littering becoming an epidemic punishable by eternal damnation. I hope not, because I toss candy wrappers in the gutter all the time. Am I to spend my forever in Hades for this?

I have questions.

Much like the original Deadly Sins I am not sure what the other remixed sins are, but I do know that Littering and Cloning were among them.

C'mon people. The Bible has been changed enough already. Lets try to leave it alone from now on.