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somebody call the SNOOZE patrol

So, last night I watched Meeting People is Easy. Its a documentary about Radiohead, the 2nd best band ever. I did not like it. The only parts I liked were the parts where they were performing live; fortunately much of the DVD was live concert footage. In between the live footage there were random shots of the band looking somber and uninterested in the world around them.

I think what I disliked most about the documentary was, the way the band came across. I am still a fairly new fan of Radiohead, so I haven't read many interviews of them nor done any research beyond their albums, but I'm fairly sure that they smile sometimes. The footage of them off stage and back stage made them seem very detached from the rest of the world and even each other. It made them seem like they were bored with themselves and excessively emo (and even being a little bit emo can be excessive if not executed with the proper amount of swaggar).

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for two reasons:

1) They are one of the greatest bands ever in the history of ever times. I mean, Thom (guitarist and lead singer) can come up to me and maliciously stomp on my fresh new pair of Pumas while degrading my own music and as he walked of into the sunset in a very emo and distant manner, I'd stare down at my now worthless tennis shoes - tears falling upon my toe - and whisper to myself....."That was fucking awesome."

2) The same guy shot all the footage and directed the documentary, so I'm sure in the editing room he projected the band in a way that he saw them. I'm sure if someone like (*reaching for a name*) Robin Williams directed a documentary about them it would be a bit more light hearted (sharing inside jokes, more upbeat conversation about the method and art behind their music, more interaction with the rest of the world around them, etc.)

Ok...I'm done ranting about this. The DVD is worth watching because all of the live footage is wonderful. The rest of it is a bit upsetting and scatterbrained, to say the least.

P.S. - Also in the band's defense, much of the interview footage they showed was footage of terrible questions like, "Do you get excited when celebrities come to your concerts?" The final cut seemed to focus on how draining the interview process can be for a touring artist/band. Naturally, the band was irritated and I was irritated with them. I remember thinking, "Why wouldn't they cut in some interesting questions from all of these interviews? Why am I uncomfortable watching this? Why don't they show more live footage?"

I just realized that some of you don't listen to Radiohead or may not know who Radiohead is. On to more "universal" rants and insignificant blah blah blaaaaahs:

Briteny Spears is starting to really get my attention. That girl has talent. I'm not talking about musical talent (of course), I'm talking about media talent. Anyone who can successfully get their face in the news everyday.....3 TIMES A DAY....on any news network/website has some type of marketing skill.

I was going around to different news sites (as I do here at the jobby job) and I noticed something. Pimp C (of the legendary Southern rap group UGK) and Heath Ledger died in pretty much the same way. All the stories about Heath Ledger note his death as an accident. All the stories about Pimp C note his death as drug abuse. all I got. I hope you all have a great day and weekend.

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