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Awesome: Thai food....especially Drunken Noodles. I started out with this because the explaination will be the least complicated. If you've had Drunken Noodle, then you completely understand. If you have not had Drunken Noodle then please see the next item on the list.

Not Awesome: People who have not had (or do not like) Drunken Noodle. Catch up. Seriously.

Awesome: I just had this cajon shrimp and rice wrap from the deli downstairs in my building. Woswers. Seriously. Life couldn't even get any better within the 10 minutes I spent eating that delicious piece of Heaven. Heaven in the form of perfectly spiced rice and shrimp.

Not Awesome: Waiting on tax returns. C'mon already! I mean, I understand being patient, but I need that money quick, so I can waste it.

Awesome: Warm days in winter. You're welcome anytime.

Not Awesome: People here on myspace who don't know that if you don't want people you don't know asking you for a friend request, then you can activate the feature where they have to know your personal e-mail or real last name to send a request. It bugs me when I'm paaaaa-rooooosing pages and I see someone say, "DON'T BE SENDIN' NO FRIEND REQUESTS IF I DON'T KNOW YOU!" You can save it. Just activate the feature. Unless you subconsiously don't mind getting requests from strangers.

I saw a page today in which someone said they only add people they are "impressed with". Word? Who are you? Who am I? We're on the same plane people? So, if I send a request and you are 'unimpressed' by me, then I get passed up? Save me the heartache of learning that I don't meet your standards and activate the feature that won't allow me to send a request at all. Because I'm a requesting fool.

....a FOOL.

Awesome: This bulletin. Its awesome. 90% of you won't agree. But, I think its awesome. I'm probably still on the high from eating that cajon shrimp and rice wrap just a few minutes ago. Yeah. If you ate that thing, then you'd think everything is awesome, too.

Not Awesome: The price of the cajon shrimp and rice wrap. $6.46. You gotta be kidding me?! If it didn't taste so freakin' good, I wouldn't have got it! Whoever invented this wrap knows that this wrap is the shit and they jacked up the price because they knew we would buy it anyways. Thats mean. Its just plain not a nice thing to do....toying with our (my) emotions that way. Its like, having a bucket of awesome in a drout of awesomeness in Sucky Town and not sharing it with anyone.

Not cool, man.....not cool.

Awesome: The Beatles and Radiohead

Not Awesome: Superbad (the second time around...the magic was lost).

Awesome: I've run out of things to say. This is more awesome for all of you who feel as if you've wasted the 5 minutes reading this. You've been had and you want your money back....I'm sorry. You're refunds are in the mail.

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