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and yet again with the sports thing....

Ok all know the deal by now and in case you didn't it kinda goes like this: A little girl in the 4th grade who wants to be a fairy princess knows more about sports than I do.


I did not know who was playing in the Super Bowl until the day before the Super Bowl. I didn't know who won the Super Bowl until much later the next afternoon. I didn't know that The Giants taking the win was an extreme let down for the Patriots and why the win was so unexpected until late last night when my friend (a girl) explained it to me.

So naturally, I didn't know about the celebratory parade taking place in NY this morning in honor of the NY Giants.

My co-worker sent me an invite to the office celebration. Refreshments are being served when the parade starts. Right after he sent it the following exchange took place:

LEON: So, whats up man? You goin' to get that free food.

ME: What free food? I'm down for some free food.

LEON: They're getting us food when the parade starts. We're gonna watch it in the lunch room.

ME: What parade?

LEON: *blank stare*

ME: There's a parade today? For what?

LEON: For the Giants.

ME: The Giants? What for? For the Super Bowl?

LEON: Yeah!!!!!

ME: Oh...I didn't know man. Yeah, if there's free food, I'm definitely down for it.

LEON: Look man, its alright that you don't know much about sports. I know you don't.

ME: Yeah. Its irritating sometimes that I don't know much.

LEON: Its alright, man. Its perfectly fine that you don't know anything about sports.

ME: Thanks dude.

LEON: Its just that most guys who don't know anything about sports play for the other team. Know what I'm sayin'?

ME: Very funny.

.....I can't was very funny.

Sooooo yeah....don't judge me you sons of bitches.


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