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gotta remind myself

One thing I'm learning a lot lately is that defeat is a definite thing. No one wins all the time. As hard as a lot of us try to be perfect, its just not going to happen. Along the way to getting wherever you're going (assuming you're trying to get somewhere). You're gonna hit a few bumps.

The thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful isn't how often they win, but how they handle defeat. I'm sure you know someone who is unsuccessful (we all do). Look at them. What separates them from the people you know who are successful? I'll tell you: its ADJUSTMENT. Failures stay down when they're knocked over. Winners get up and dust themselves off.

I had a boss one time who said something to me that is one of the greatest lessons I've ever learned. I was at work and I was upset. It was clear in the way I was carrying myself. I looked defeated and hopeless. She called me in her office and said:

Quincy, I don't know whats going on and I'm not going to be intrusive by asking. Just remember that in life, its not what happens to us that matters. All that matters is how you handle it.

Bada boom bada life was changed.

From that point on whenever I am defeated I only allow myself to have a pity party for a very short while (VERY short while) and then I bounce back and I start trying to adjust.

Try to take what happens to you and learn something from it. The Force that governs life (GOD, Karma, Faith, Destiny, or all of the above) is systematic. There's a plan. You're supposed to learn from it.

So learn from it.

Get up.

Dust yourself off.

...and keep 'er movin'.

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