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interesting titles

I have been creating unique and imaginary names for random things today. Band names, movie titles, diseases, et cetera. The following are the most impressive of the bunch.

I imagined a band called Q.Ledbetter featuring Dr. Funkenstein and the Magical Mystery Machine Band Collective. I'm thinking that our promotional photo will be a Polaroid of me, my friend/fellow producer Overok, Samuel L. Jackson (affectionately referred to herein fore to wit as "Sammy J"), your mom, Cornell West, and an Irish Drunkard.

I imagined a disease called Polysyplogicalfibrosis, which involves an allergic reaction to handshakes lasting longer than 2 seconds resulting in hives and cold sweats.

Oh, and you shit ferbies.

Its a good disease to have.

I came up with a concept for a movie that I call The Adventures of Bugaloo Brown. I forgot what I wanted it to be about and I can't really focus on what it was because my brain can't get past how awesome the title is.

It's snowing right now in New York City. This could be a detriment to my NYE plans.

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