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Last night I had a dream that I was Batman. Well, not really. I was Christian Bale playing Batman. Perhaps I was Quincy playing Christian Bale playing Batman. In any case, I (Christian) was trapped in a den of vampires, which was actually an abandoned warehouse in Jersey City. In real life I pass this abandoned warehouse everyday on my way to work and I often think to myself, "I'll bet vampires live in there."

Anyways, I am assuming that we were shooting the next Batman movie. It was kind of lame. I hope they don't cast me (Quincy) to be in the next Batman movie. I was ruining it. I mean, I was kicking some vampire ass, but it just wasn't up to par with the performances of the real Christian Bale. They should stick with the real Christian Bale.

I hate the couch in my living room. It is the most hideous couch I've ever seen. My roommate and I have a couch cover thing covering this hideous couch, but the cover itself is pretty ugly, too. I want to get rid of this couch. There are two things stopping me:

1) Lack of financial resources for a new couch.
2) The couch is ultra comfortable.

We will discuss Item #2.

So yeah...the couch in my living room is ultra comfortable. When was the last time someone used "ultra" to describe how intense something is? This should give you an idea of how comfortable this couch is. My couch is so comfortable, I suspect it of being a voodoo couch.

If you lay down on the couch in my living room, then 5 minutes later you will be asleep. I'm not talking about a gradual and peaceful sleep, either. I'm talking about the kind of sleep were all you do is wake up 30 minutes to an hour in the future. Last night I was laying on my couch watching a DVD. The resolution was coming up, so there was about 30 minutes left in the movie and then *POOF* I was propelled into the future; exhausted and watching the credits. Prior to this I was not heavy-eyed or even remotely tired. I just woke up. Other times, I have laid down on a late Friday night to watch infomercials (Am I the only one who does that?) and *POOF*. Daylight and Saturday morning cartoons.

This past Saturday I retreated from a group of friends and a great show because of social awkwardness on my part. I am as not at all proud of it. It was my last night in Virginia and I was at a good friend's birthday dinner. We were all heading over to a MC Battle near the restaurant. Shortly after we arrived, in walks a very small group of people that I had ill dealings with recently. I have been trying to avoid confrontation with them ever since. Instead of standing my ground I retreated. I left in the most douche baggy way. I didn't even say farewell to my friends. I, literally, just got up and left.

Call me what you will. I will probably agree with you. The bright side is that on my ride home I contemplated my evident social disease and am searching for a "cure", so to speak. Drugs and alcohol have been known to make even the most uptight a bit more limber, but I have sworn into the straight edge way (not to sound like a douche or anything, though). I'll have to find another way to break the thick shell keeping me from interacting with others.

If you have any rational and mature suggestions, then I'd like to hear them.

2008 has been a year of triumph and turmoil for yours truly. I'd wish for 2009 to be more stable, but since when is stability exciting, eh?

It never has been and it never will be.

CURRENT NEED: To improve my social interaction with human beings.

CURRENT WANT: A band to do live shows with.

CURRENT WOE: The deterioration of MySpace.

CURRENT TRIUMPH: I woke up today.

CURRENT STRUGGLE: Damn, I'm broke!

Hug someone today, man. Fa' shozo.

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