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BLOG ITEM #1: A Nerd in Real Life

I just over heard my co-worker on the phone with someone. He was saying how a friend/family member had to write a 5 page paper on a 4-line poem. The first thing that came to my mind was, "Wow, that sounds like fun!"

The scary thing is that I actually meant it.

BLOG ITEM #2: Retarded Office Happenings

There is a memo I send out every week to people who do not have their CPA licenses, but should have their CPA licenses. The memo ends with the following questions:

Was CPA licensing or the possible need for you to have a license discussed with you at any time prior to your being hired?

Do you hold a professional certification such as CIA, CISA, etc.?

What is your job title and your business unit?

What are your specific job responsibilities?

Do you work directly with clients?

Do you supervise accounting/auditing engagements?

Is there a specific reason for you not to require a CPA license in your job function?

Please add any addition information you would like us I know.

People reply to this e-mailed memo with answers to these questions. The memo only goes out to adults....or so I thought.

Today, I got the following response to these questions (NOTE: This is ALL the e-mail said.):

I have passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam.

I am in the process of applying for a license.


Senior Manager and Real Estate.

To sign tax returns.

I do communicate with the clients.

8 questions asked; 6 responses; no way of knowing which of the 6 responses go to which of the 8 questions; 2 of the responses answer questions that were not asked. Some of the answers are obvious matches. I'll give you that. But, that "Yes"...that can answer any one of 4 of the questions asked.

BLOG ITEM #3: Sometimes I am TOO responsible
A couple of weeks ago I started a new savings account and have started transferring money from my shitty Ameriprise account to my new savings account as the funds are made available to me (see my past blogs about Ameriprise for the full story on why I need to do this). I have been doing well with saving and decided to use some money to pay off some bills. Well, day before yesterday I paid off a lot of money on some debt I have. The next day I forgot I did this and paid the same amount a second time. Oops.

Good news: Less debt
Bad news: Less money in my pocket

BLOG ITEM #4: The lameness of this blog
This blog is pretty lame.

BLOG ITEM #5: New vocabulary word!
Yesterday Leon (co-worker) asked, "When was the last time you heard someone say 'wowsers'?" Ironically, at the time he asked me, I had already said it twice in normal conversation with people earlier in the day. I told him that and he said, "In a conference call a woman said, 'Wowser McWowsers!'"

Oh my Sweet Lord in the after life! I fell in love!

Let it be known to all of you that I will be adopting the phrase "Wowser McWowsers" as my personal friend and calling card.

I adopt it.
You adapt to it.

This is what must happen.


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