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The Christmas Boogie

I have lived by a creed that gets me through the toughest of times..."Boogie 'til you break somethin'." Not a lot of people have boogied until they have broken something. I have. It was high school. I was dancing (I'm a good dancer...people don't know that about me) and I fractured my ankle. This is a true story.

People think that fracturing my ankle while dancing makes me a BAD dancer. Not so. It just indicates that whatever dancing I was doing was very intricate and it involved jumping and pivoting. Since when have you seen an beginner dancer jump and pivot? You haven't. Only the advanced of the advanced dancing and boogie specialists jump and pivot. The particular move I was doing at the time I fractured my ankle involved a jump while pivoting.

Get on my level.

*Q.Ledbetter throws up his arms in a "WHUT", fashion.

So, just last night I decided to work even harder at working hard. Close friends will tell you that I already work too hard, but I disagree. My focus is somehow diverted. I'm always in the studio, but my music isn't getting heard. I'm doing something wrong. I don't spend enough time promoting myself, I suppose. I have no idea how to promote myself. I need someone to help me promote ME. It sounds ridiculous and a tad pretentious, but I'm dead ass serious. If you would like to help me get my music heard, then I'd like you to let me know what you can do to help advance the cause.

*Q.Ledbetter looks at you in a "needy puppy dog", fashion.

I bought a new sweater yesterday from EXPRESS. I am wearing this new sweater, but it should be noted that it is not helping me EXPRESS myself any more effectively.!!!!!!! :D

*Q.Ledbetter opens a can of corn and offers you a helping to go along with all this substance he's already put on your plate.

My addiction to Emoticons is affecting how I talk to people in real life. I find myself replying to questions people ask me with cartoon-esque facial expressions, rather than actual words. For example:

FEMALE: Quincy, do you think this dress makes me look fat?

ME: :|

*Q.Ledbetter's profound perspective on life takes a turn when :D

I'm sure you'll agree this is no way to communicate with other human beings.

But seriously, if you can help me get my music "out there", then we should talk and get something going. Promotion and marketing isn't my strong suit and its holding me back. I'm working on it, but a bit of help would be wonderful.


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