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This is not Complex Science

Sometimes I browse the Bulletins section of MySpace to see if I catch a blog that has nothing to do with some one's birthday bash or (wack) album release. Today I stumbled upon a posting that seemed to stray from the average SPAM and BUY/SELL mentality that has made MySpace such a rotting grave of social misfits. The post was from a random model, whom I sent a request for "typical male reasons" and was about her frustration with men sending her obscene and disrespectful messages. The blog post contained specific, real examples of what men say to her via comments or e-mail. They were all despicable and a discouraging representation of my gender, but there is just one problem I have.

I went to the model's page to see what they were all raving about (I had forgotten) and I understood why those messages were sent. This girl's body is near perfect by all commercial standards and she knows it. There were absolutely NO pictures of her where her breasts (herein referred to as "tits") were not exposed and her buttocks (herein referred to as "ass") was not on display. She wasn't showing her tits and ass off in a "slutty" kind of way. I mean these were professional photos, but the thing is that she was next to naked in all of them. I know because I checked all of her photos.

So, my thing is this, ladies. I TOTALLY understand and sympathize with your plight. Men should definitely be more respectful in their messages, e-mails, and comments, but if you're sprawled out showing all of your goods in a suggestive manner, what would you expect?!?! For every action there is a reaction. That's the first lesson in Physics and it applies in every aspect of life. If you dress like a display piece, then the idiots who can't separate reality from work or actuality from fiction will treat you as such.

I'm not saying that any of you lack dignity. Its almost 2009 not 1947. Our morality is more tolerant and accepting than previous decades, but if you are going to present yourself in that manner, then make sure it is in good taste or at least off set it with other photos or some reflection of your real personality. I don't know how to do this because I'm not an expert. Try something simple like, for every photo of you sitting on a kitchen counter with your legs spread open have a picture of you in a living room reading a book (preferably with your legs closed). I know you're not really a sassy French maid or a naughty school girl. I know you're life is not all about walking on catwalks and rolling around on sports cars in bikinis.

I know these things...idiots do not. Idiots know what they see and if all they see is you showing them your tits and your ass, then that's all they'll know about you; therefore, they will treat you like the kind of girl who walks around showing her tits and ass to everyone. Are you the kind of girl who is MORE than tits and ass? Yeah? Well, then make some type of effort to prove it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ARE the type of women who has more to offer than a hot body and you feel like you DO do enough to show the real side of who you are, then none of this applies to you. Don't get your $20 Victoria's Secret panties in a bunch.

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