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sometimes people catch me doing weird things

The continuing saga of Quincy Ledbetter: Artificial Corporate Persona

Blog Item 1
Leon (co-worker) caught me pouring water into a bottle top and drinking from there as if they were shots of liquor. This is odd because both Leon and I know that I don't drink alcohol. This is also odd because...well...who DOES that sort of thing?! My only defense was to smile wide and bright and say, "I have no idea what I'm doing."

Blog Item 2
Today, I am wearing all black. Angie (another co-worker) is wearing all brown. Leon is wearing a brown shirt and black pants. We all sit in cubicles immediately next to each other in a row. Leon sits in the middle.

Office types get a kick out of things like this (see blog a few blog posts ago when the men in my office coincidentally all wore blue shirts...there is a picture). I really hope no one notices.

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