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Saturday Night Jive

Well, its Saturday night and I was supposed to go out with a couple friends to a party, but they can't come pick me up and said party is in Elizabeth, New Jersey. So, I'm kinda stuck here at the crib because no one else is up for anything.

I don't care. Humph! Its too cold to go anywhere anyways :p

This morning I went to see, "Twilight". If you haven't heard of "Twilight", then you either live under a bridge or you don't know any females. I read the book and the movie is exactly like the book, minus a couple of VERY minor differences. If you like the book, then you will like the movie just the same. In fact, if you've read the book the you don't even need to see the movie; safe yourself $11 and buy yourself a meal at a nice Thai Restaurant since your friends stood you up and you won't end up going to that party you were supposed to go to and no one else feels like doing anything because its too cold so you sit at home pondering why life has to work out in such complicated ways and you ask yourself every 10 minutes, "Why must things be so complicated all the time?"

You could do that instead of watching the movie.

During the movie the pre-teen girls who were in the theater with me lost their minds every time a "hawt" guy came on the screen or when young Edward Cullen stared in to Isabella Swan's eyes and said something along the lines of, "You shouldn't trust me, Bella," thus proving that young girls DO like mysterious bad boys.

Have you seen the video of me in the studio yet? I'll bet you haven't. Here it is. Watch it:

Q.Ledbetter in the STudio from Q. Ledbetter on Vimeo.

I've done all the productive things I can possibly do tonight. Now I'm bored. I've seen every DVD in my apartment twice and I surely don't want to spend money buying new DVDs. I could eat, but I'd just be eating because I'm bored. Then when I'm hungry I'll eat more. 5 years from now, I'll be a fat ass and I'll regret eating out of boredom instead of necessity.

You guys kinda suck.
I'm outta here.

Splitsville, daddy-o.

NOTE: I'm sorry for saying you suck. You don't suck. I suck. Its me...not you.

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