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UPDATE: It turns out that you need Adobe Flash to view the video and thats why it's not working. Its just not working on MY computer at work because we don't have FLASH. I will, however, keep this blog up because I think its clever. Call me pretentious. Whatever.....



Last night I posted a video on your site instead of going with YouTube. This is mainly because YouTube froze when I tried to upload my video, but it is also because I heard good things about YOU. I uploaded my video with no problems at all and the quality was fairly decent. I was pleased., imagine my surprise when I went to watch my video this morning and it was not working. I went to your site to see if there was an issue with the video itself, but your site looked all haywire. It did not have the same sleek and user-friendly interface from before. I am sure this is because there is a problem with the site that is, in turn, affecting my video's playability.

I am not angry with you, so have no worries. Interestingly enough, your inefficiency is parallel to a number of many different inefficiencies in my life. It seems like for the past couple of weeks EVERYTHING and almost EVERYONE in my life has been inefficient. What I am trying to say is that you've let me down, but everyone else is letting me down, too; so in a way, your folly is right on time to meet my heart numbing indifference.

I suppose you could send a mass e-mail letting your users know when the problem will be fixed, but if you are anything like my cell phone provider or my financial advisor, then you're run by idiots and don't know when your problems will be fixed. I am prepared to be left in the dark on all progress and I expect to be disappointed time after time in the days to come.

Straighten out your shit,!


Quincy G. Ledbetter

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