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sometimes i am the wolf

This week must be National Customer Disservice Week in America. I have spent the bulk of every day this week barking on the phone with every customer service representative for every organization that handles my life.

-My bank
-My financial advisor
-My cell phone provider

Every customer service representative I have dealt with this week has been severely incompetent; so much so that I have been FORCED to become a major asshole. Seriously, if you ask these people (and I mean that in the most racist-against-idiots-way possible) a question they get politely retraded.

"I'm sorry sir, but we do not have that information at this current moment."

"I do regretfully say to you sir, that we unfortunately do not have the information you requested."

"I apologize to you sir that we do not have a date or time when this issue will be completed."

*NOTE: When idiots try to sound polite and smart they sound like a 4 year old Sarah Palin trying to convince her mom that she didn't break the $100 vase in the living room.

I'm not going to get into details because this blog will go from playfully irritating to all caps and cursing....with a quickness.

I'm so angry about dealing with these people that I'm not even going to finish this blog.

Besides that I'm at work and I've got THANGS to do.
I'm not even going to spellcheck it.



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