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so sometimes....

Sometimes when I write really incredible blogs, I'm afraid to write another one after it because it may not live up to the standard that the previous blog created. Case in point: The blog before this one.

I have gotten such rave reviews on that last blog that I stopped myself from writing another one for a while. I wrote that blog immediately after President-Elect Barack Obama gave his speech on election night. The magic of that moment was captured in that blog. There is no magic in this blog and there will be no magic in most blogs to follow.

...I assure you.

Folks, I have to admit, without shame, that for the following 2.5 days after the election I cried every time I heard Obama's speech. It wasn't like snot-nosed-shit-my-pants-baby crying. It was more like manly sort of weeping. Every time he gets into that Yes We Can business the levee breaks.

The fact is that I've been at a loss for words and emotion since the election ended. A review of my blogs over recent months tell the tale of a man who may have been a little TOO into politics and the play-by-play of this historic election. Now that its all over I feel a little disenchanted. I don't know what to feel.

I am having what I am calling Post Election Withdrawal, aka, Post Election Disenchantment Syndrome. I'm doing irrational things to fill the void of having nothing more to talk or debate about. I'm buying new DVD's and electronics at an alarming rate. It is almost at a point where I force myself to walk in different routes around the city so that I don't pass by the Apple Store on 14th street or the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. I've been keeping away from the Guitar Center in Union Square, too.

I have an issue with cashiers; not any specific type of cashier, just cashiers in general. Listen up, this is a public service announcement. WHEN GIVING A CUSTOMER THEIR CHANGE HAND IT TO THEM IN THIS ORDER:

1) coins
2) dollars
3) receipt

All too often I get my change back in this order:

1) dollars
2) receipt
3) coins

Putting the coins on top of the receipt and the receipt before the dollars causes too much confusion. The coins slide off of the flat surface of the receipt and out of my hand. I grimace every time a cashier hands my change to me in the wrong order. Straighten up.

I have nothing interesting going on and nothing interesting to say. I've said all I can say about Obama and how flippin' great he is....what else is there.

I'm going to post this blog incomplete and recalibrate my brain. Maybe then I'll be prepared to come at you with something worth reading :p

I'm going to see Exit Clov tonight in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom. I haven't seen them since I lived in Northern Virginia. They're my favorite DC band. If you're in the area and you read this in time, then you should come.

NOTE: Upon doing a spellcheck for this blog I learned that "every time" is not a compound word.

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