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an early morning narrative

We join Q.Ledbetter in his recording studio, unable to sleep. It seems that he is fresh out of the shower and decided to write a blog.

Q.Ledbetter got side tracked from writing this blog to check his myspace page and his facebook page. After which a friend of his happened to be on gchat right now, so he is trading witty comments with them.

Q.Ledbetter has finished gchatting and his common sense begins to take hold of him. Lets listen in.

Why the crap am I still awake? I'm a little tired, but I have no desire to sleep. I'm trying to find things to do in the studio, but I can't really start anything because then I'll NEVER go to bed. I'm considering calling in sick to work tomorrow (well, technically today). I'm pretty exhausted and I need a day off. You know I have only missed 4 days of work since I started working at the firm back in December 2007?! I've only missed 4 days.

2 sick days
2 vacation days

Thats it. I'm due for another vacation. I need to get away. You should come; that is, unless you suck. If you suck, then I don't want you there. Because you'll probably spend the whole time being a douche bag.

Q.Ledbetter begins gchatting again.

Alright...i'm gchatting again. I'm a gchatting fool. I'm going to focus on gchatting right now. You've missed out on the best blog ever. I was about to type that shit. It was gonna be glorious.

For the sake of being lazy, I'm not going to do a spell check for this blog.

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