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whats 2009 gonna be about?

2008 was about three things for the human race:

1) Break ups
2) Engagements
3) Babies

Damn near everyone I know either has a new love interest, got engaged, or got pregnant. What the hell is this about. I leave Virginia for 10 months and everyone gets loopy. Am I the only one that hasn't had a life altering experience in 10 months.

People would say that leaving my whole life in Virginia and moving to New York is enough of a change, but its not nearly as major as getting divorced, getting engaged, and having a freakin' kid. I'm not upset about this at all; I just think its weird. Its almost like everyone was waiting for me to move out of state to break up with their significant others...and then get married...and then get pregnant.

Everyone and everything is moving so fast.

I feel like I'm moving slow. Is that good? I mean, unless you're fascinated with my music and photography there isn't much to me. Everyone has new stories to tell. My new stories start with, "So remember that time when I was in the studio and...." or "Aw man, I was doing this photo shoot and....."

Maybe I should get someone pregnant or get married and then get divorced so I'll have something to tell people about myself, eh?

Maybe I should stop bitching and just get out more.

The sunrise looked incredible today :)


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