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People I Would Like to Punch in the Face

1) Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly needs to get punched in the face numerous times by someone who was born with iron fists. He is a pinhead. If you are not familiar with Bill O'Reilly, then consider yourself to be very fortunate. My first impression of O'Reilly was in college when I stumbled upon his show just in time to chastise a recovering drug addict for being "irresponsible". Note, I said a RECOVERING drug addict. She had come on his show to talk about her struggles and he yells at her.

2) Rush Limbaugh

For obvious reasons.

3) This guy.

I only want to hit this guy because it looks like it would be easy to do. I doubt he would fight back much.

4) Banhart

This is based only on jealousy. Bonhart used to date Natalie Portman and I am very jealous of that. Besides, just look at this freakin' picture, man. People like this need a good whack in the kisser.

Quincy LedbetterComment