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i like this poem

Diary entry of the Royal Jester in reference to his admiration of Her Majesty's lure.

i loath who i am--

fearful of venturing beyond the
bounds of chivalry
i am but a pawn to the
games perpetuated by woman
time and time again

their hypnotic eyes
batting away my defenses
their enigmatic mind withholding
a dam's worth of flowing ridicule

i am a jester courting the queen
...a preposterous notion from the thought!

her majesty
feeding on the dreams of men
conquering their hearts
collecting their hope
discarding those she grows tired of

she has no mercy on the already
rusted, tarnished, and battled love
such as her jester
...a mere trickster at her whim
a catalyst of momentary amusement
and not affection


NOTE: This poem in NO WAY reflects my current mood or state. I just really like it.

Quincy LedbetterComment