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that Q.Ledbetter sure does have...ummm....PERSONALITY

If Friendship were a city, I'd be the Mayor and I would have an approval rating of 98%. If Boyfriend were a city, then I'd be the homeless guy that hangs out at the McDonald's and hits people up for change.

If Appealing Character Traits were money, then I would be able to bailout the economy my damn self. If Appealing 'Everything Else' Traits were money, then I'd be the guy that hangs out with the homeless guy that hangs out at the McDonald's and hits people up for change.

so yeah...
I'm the Mayor of Just Friends City and the George W. Bush of Boyfriend Town.

See me.

That's nonfiction, son.

I've been on the phone with banks and financial advisers for the past two days and I've been yelling. If you know me in real life, then you know that yelling is not my forte, but believe me...I have been YELLING at these people.

First off, the financial advisers I entrusted with my savings froze my assets and have no specific date as to when it will be available to me. They are not letting me transfer my money, nor are they letting me cancel my account with them. I am completely frozen. How is this legal? I don't know. Does it make sense? Not to me it doesn't, but I'm kind of at a stand still.

Second off, Bank of America took a substantial amount of money out of my account. They say that a deposit I made was not actually made. I made this deposit. How do I know? I know because I was there when I made it, damnit. I was standing right there making the deposit when I made the deposit, so how can you tell me that I didn't make the deposit? You can't. I have filed a claim, but chances are that the bank will not find any fault on their behalf.

All-in-all, things have kinda sucked lately, but I've developed a new strategy to deal with the things weighing heavy on my brain cells.


Yeap...that's right. I got to sleep. I have this thing where I think too much about things. I analyze every detail about my life to no end until it goes from being not a big deal to a HUGE deal. This has happened so often in the past two or three days that I just go to sleep.

*Q.Ledbetter takes a break from typing this blog to play some John Mayer. John Mayer's soultre guitar licks tend to calm Q.Ledbetter down a bit.*

Anyways, as I was saying:

....ummm...well, I forgot the point I was trying to make, so I'll make a series totally unrelated points.

Money sucks.

The Beatles are AWESOME.

Subway subs are terribly underrated.

Quizznos subs are better than Subway, but are too expensive.

iPods should have scratch resistant backs. Why hasn't this been developed?

New York City is the best city in the world and I am thankful to be living here.

Making music is fun.

Making whoopi is funner.

By "making whoopi" I don't mean sex. I mean making paper mache models of Whoopi Goldberg to sell on ebay to her fans.


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