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leave joe the plumber alone

Alright, if you follow politics a little bit, then by now you have heard of Joe the Plumber. In case you don't here is a run down:

While Obama was campaigning in Ohio, Joe walked up to him and asked him to explain his economic plan and how it would affect him as a plumber who wants to buy the small business he now works for. Joe was under the impression that as a new small business owner his taxes would sky rocket under Obama's plan. Obama explained that as long as Joe makes less than $250,000 a year via his business (like 95% of small business owners), then he would actually receive a tax break under his plan. Further, if Joe does end up making more than $250,000 a year, then he would only see a small increase in taxes.

NOTE: I believe the number is 3% tax increase in taxes for families and business who bring in more than $250,000 annually.

In last night's debate John McCain started speaking directly to Joe the Plumber and in his efforts to not be shown up on connecting with the common man, Obama began speaking directly to Joe as well; therefore now Joe is an instant celebrity.

Anyone can tell from interviews and such that Joe is going to vote for McCain. For this reason people think that Joe is a GOP plant who's "job" is to discredit Obama's plan. I am here to let you all know that that is pure and utter bullshit. How ridiculous is that?

Although I am a STERN Obama supporter, anyone can see that Joe is one of the few people who are voting for McCain for the right reasons. Joe agrees with McCain's policy. I happen to disagree with EVERYTHING McCain says, but the fact of the matter is that Joe did his research, studied up on the issues, challenges both candidates on their word, and has made a well thought out and educated decision. To assume that someone is a GOP plant just because he doesn't agree with most of the other voters in this country is ridiculous.

My point is clear, so I won't go into greater detail with this. The point is that, lets not be distracted by another character in this roller coaster ride to The White House. Stay focused people! Listen to the issues involved (not the conspiracy) and make an educated choice.



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