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the return of sexy time....

A few months ago, I hurt my back and was unable to be as active as I was in the before the long, long ago. As a result I lost a lot of weight. Usually, when people are inactive they gain weight. Not Quincy Ledbetter. Nope. He loses weight.

I am the envy of fat asses across America.

Anywhoodle, my back is all better and I can ACTIVATE!!!!!!

I started working out last night and immediately remembered why I hated working out in the first place. This happens often. I don't work out for a very long time and I think, "Why don't I ever work out?!" At that point, I work out and then I think to myself, "Oh yeeeeeaaaaaah....THAT'S why I never work out. It sucks ass major." In any case, I kept going and will continue to keep going. I have to get my body right.

;) <---- This guy is a reoccurring character in my text messages to people. Last night someone pointed it out to me. Not in a condescending way (which I appreciate), but she thinks its funny to imagine me winking that much. Something like this:

It is very funny, indeed. I must admit.

NOTE: Q.Ledbetter is only a winker within the arena of text messages. I think actually winking is creepy. I have an uncle who would wink at us. To this day I avoid eye contact with him. True story.

He looked like this:

Except he's black and never wears a Superman outfit (as far as I know). As a matter of fact, my uncle doesn't look like this at all. I just needed an excuse to post this picture because I think its funny. uncle really does have a winking problem though. All that was true.

So yeah, like we were talking about earlier. I'm definitely going to bring back the sexy. It'll be like Sexy: The Sequel up in this bitch, so prepare yourselves for what's about to happen. In about 2-3 months time, I'll be walking the streets with my shirt off. Sure, it'll be winter, but who cares? Do you? I'll bet you won't when you see these guns.

NOTE: In 2-3 months time I will probably be well over my work out stint and be embarking on a new one. So don't be too excited. I won't be entering any weight lifting competitions anytime soon.

Here's lookin' at you kid ;)

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