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hunting for beef chow fun

This will be a simple blog. There will be nothing heavy in its context like a couple of my recent posts.

I went to the Chinese restaurant at the end of my block. I used to love going to this Chinese restaurant until the former owner left. Now it is run by idiots. Here is an exchange that occurred this evening:

ME: May I have beef chow fun with no onions or sprouts, please?

LADY: Sprouts?

ME: Yeah.

LADY: We NEVER cook with sprouts!!!!

ME: One time I ordered it I got sprouts.

LADY: No....

ME: Nah? For real?

LADY: No, we never cook with a sprouts. Chow fun never come with sprouts!

ME: Fair enough. As long as it doesn't have onions or sprouts, I'm good.

LADY: No no no...NO sprouts.

ME: ....yeah. Thats what I'm saying. No sprouts.

LADY: Where you got and you get chow fun with sprouts. We NEVER cook with sprouts!

ME: Alright. Cool. Beef chow fun, no onions.

LADY: No onion?!?!

ME: onions.

LADY: Onion?!?! Chow fun with onion?

ME: No, no onions.

LADY: No we NEVER cook with onion!

ME: I've gotten it from here with onions and sprouts.

LADY: No! Never!

ME:'cha. I just want my beef chow fun, please.

*she scribbles my order down

RYAN: And may I have the Sesame Chicken please, with no peppers.

LADY: No! No peppers. We NEVER cook with any peppers.

RYAN: Yes you have. I get food from here twice a week. Its always had peppers.

LADY: No, maybe another restaurant.

RAYN: No...THIS restaurant. But, if you don't sell it with peppers thats fine. I just don't want peppers.

LADY: No no no...NO PEPPERS! We not cooking with pepper. We NEVER cook with peppers. Where you get this from? *points to picture of Sesame Chicken.

RYAN; Alright...thats fine by me. I just don't want peppers, so since if you insist it doesn't come with peppers thats fine.

LADY: You get from another restaurant. No this one. We never cook with peppers.

When we got our food Ryan said he was never going back there again. Since there are 3-4 other Chinese restaurants on that block, I think I'll boycott as well.

Why the hell not? I need something to do besides sit at home and think about things too much.

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