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its Founders' Day, son!

First order of business:

On January 9th waaaaaay back in 1914 my fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, IIIIIIIIIIIIncorporated was founded. Although I am insanely inactive as of right now, I'd like to wish all my bro's around the world a Happy Founders' Day!!!!!!!

Moving on:

So, last night I received a very strange phone call. It was from a guy who got my number from my cousin Rocco. This guy was a singer and he went on and on about how cool my cousin is and how he passed along my number so that we could work together.

"Q.Ledbetter that doesn't seem too weird at all."

Oh wait, did I mention that I don't have a cousin named Rocco? Well, I don't have a cousin named Rocco. When he started describing my "cousin" to me I was trying to imagin which one of my cousins it could've been:

THE GUY: He was kinda short.

ME: Ok.

THE GUY: He was a bit stalky.

ME: Ummm...ok.

THE GUY: He had blonde hair.

ME: What?

THE GUY: He had blonde hair.

ME: I don't have any cousins who have blonde hair.

THE GUY: Well it was dark in the club, so it may have been another color. He was a really cool white dude.

ME: Dog.....I'm black.

THE GUY: Ohhhh shit! Well, do you have any white cousins?

The remaining 15 minutes of this conversation was interesting to say the least. So, I have a message for my "cousin", the acclaimed "Rocco": Please stop giving out my number to random people you meet in the club before consulting me first. Thanks chief.

The weather in NY has been feeling GRRREEEAAAT this week. Does anyone want to come outside and play?

Speaking of which, if I knew the last time I went outside to play was going to be the last time I would've made it a bit more memorable. I used to love hide and seek and to this day if I had the opportunity to play again, I most definitely would. I'm just sayin'...if I knew the last time I played hide and seek would be the LAST time, I would've played a bit longer.

So, if you can....go outside and play today. it for the founders.

GOMAB to my frat.

Peace 'n love to the rest of you.

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