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why aren't YOU afriad of zombies

"Duffy Likes Road Kills" is an item of graffiti I saw while I was on the train today. I thought about how life must be for Duffy and what he must've done to win such acclaim. I'd like to meet Duffy; not befriend him...just meet him.

Over the weekend I was in a studio in West New York and the guy who owned the studio put in a bootleg of I Am Legend. Those of you who read my previous blogs know that I have three phobias: solitude, zombies, and spiders (in that order). I Am Legend is all about solitude and zombies. When I saw it in the movie theater I vowed never to watch that movie again. Seriously...I loved the movie, but I couldn't sleep for the following two nights.

Anywhoo, this guy puts on I Am Legend and he leaves the room. I appreciate that he thought I'd enjoy seeing the bootleg of a brand new movie, but my fear of zombies out weighs any good intentions. Now, I was in a room full of people whom I just met. First impressions last a long time, so I didn't want the first thing these people knew about me is that I'm terrified of imaginary creatures of the undead.

Resolution: As soon as I noticed that no one was paying too much attention I turned the movie off.

The end to this story is very unclimatic. I hope you weren't expecting to be blown away by the resolution of the conflicts introduced within the context of this little tale of mine. You should know that I'm a terrible story teller.

I shall make no apologies to you and yours.

So, last night I was thinking of ways to avoid dying in a zombie attack. There is no way to avoid it. If the world was over run by zombies, we'd be finished. You could huddle in groups and take as many out as possible, but eventually you would lose the battle. I don't understand how anyone could NOT be afraid of zombies.


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