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So, in light of having my cold, I have developed a new cold sore. Its name is Veronica. She is from France.

I feel much better than the past two days. My cold is going away, but my nose is still being a michevious little prick. It wont stop running. This morning I asked it why its been giving me so much trouble lately. The following argument ensued:

ME: Nose, why are you running so much lately.

NOSE: I'm in training.

ME: Training? What on Earth could you be training for?

NOSE: The olympics, asshole. I'm going to be running track.

ME: Is that why you've been running so much.

NOSE: Why else would a nose run, silly?!

ME: Allergies and sinus issues.

NOSE: Nope. I'm in training for the olympics. I'm going to run track.

ME: You can't do that.

NOSE: ...and why not, may I ask?!

ME: Well, first're a f--king NOSE!

NOSE: I knew it.

ME: Knew what.

NOSE: You're racist against noses!

ME: Why would you think that for one second?! Why would I be racist against my own nose?!

NOSE: I tell me you self-loating son of a bitch.

ME: Look all I'm saying is, I don't think that they would accept a running nose to compete in the olympics. Its never been done.

NOSE: Let me ask you something Q.Ledbetter......

ME: Shoot.

NOSE: Have you seen the movie, Rudy.

ME: Of course I have, its a classic film about a young man who dreams of playing football for his University and no one believes in him.

NOSE: Right....and what happens in the end?

ME: He finally gets to play for a few seconds.

NOSE: Right. Don't you see the similarities between Rudy and myself?!

ME: No.

NOSE: Later Rudy went on to become Sam, the Hobbit in Lord of the Rings.

ME: Ok, now you're getting out of hand.

NOSE: ....and did Sam, the Hobbit not save Froto, the Hobbit in his time of need?!

ME: Listen, this is ridicul---


ME: Yes, but.....

NOSE: Alright, so if I want to be the best running nose I can be, then I have to be in training; and that means I have to be running all the time.

ME: Its making me uncomfortable, though. I'm tired of having a running nose 24/7.

NOSE: Well, I'm sorry, but its time for me to step out on my own and be an independent woman.

ME:'re a chick nose?

NOSE: Yes....

ME: Why don't I have a man nose?

NOSE: I don't know you bastard.

ME: Wow.

NOSE: Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to running.

ME: You're such an asshole.

NOSE: Aahhhhhh, blow me!

And thats the story of why my nose is running all the time. Its not allergies or sinus issues as I previously thought. Its just plain ol' (admirable) determination to make a dream a reality.

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